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The Di Fiore family invites you to come step into the world of Italian flavors where you will embark on a rich & exquisite journey. From Napoli’s homemade fresh pasta to Sicilia’s Frutti di Mare & Firenze’s Bistecca alla Fiorentina; these are only some of our delicious family recipes. You will feel like you are in Italia without the travel. Continue to explore with us as we not only bring the classic Cucina Italiana to the Lehigh Vally but incorporate a fresh modern twist like Shrimp Limoncello over Crostini, crunchy Tribeca Panini, crisp Strawberry Avocado Insalata, gourmet Certified Angus Burgers® & even Imported Italian desserts/gelato!

Many of life’s greatest moments are around the dinner table sharing the best stories, the greatest laughs, and of course, the unforgettable meal. So, let our family take care of your family. Buon Viaggio & Buon Appetito!

Sidenote: The history behind “La Bistecca Alla Fiorentina” is as old as the city of Firenze, where it originates from. Firenze, the Renaissance city in the heart of Tuscany is known as the city of exceptional art and architecture. The city of love, the home of the largest cathedral and also famous for its Tuscan cuisine. It is said that during the feast of San Lorenzo in the 1800s, the Florentine steak was part of the celebration which was organized by the Medici family, one of history’s most important noble families. Large bonfires where used to cook the large pieces of steaks. The cuts of meat would be handed out to the townsfolk in the piazzas. The term “bistecca” also derives from around this time; the English (or rather the Anglo-Saxon) merchants would ask for their meat, calling it “beef steak”. The English term became difficult for the Florentines to pronounce & so they italianized the term becoming “bistecca”. La bistecca alla fiorentina became not only the most important dish in Tuscan cuisine but gained recognition worldwide.